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Korean War: Causes and Outcome

Results From the War

The War
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Below you will find out who came out the strongest during the war and what the effects were.

After fighting for a while, North Korea decided to try and get South Korea to sign a treaty agreement to stop the fighting. On April 26, both sides would negotiate on what to do. The meeting took place at Panmunjom, where they debated for several weeks. President Rhee, of South Korea, were leaning towards continuing to fight. Luckily, South Korea's president gave his approval to sign the armistice document. Finally, after years of fighting, the Korean War was over.  

The War ended with many losses. The Koreans along with the Chinese had the largest losses. North Korea had about 520,000 who were either killed or wounded. The Chinese had about 900,000 who were killed or wounded, and South Korea 1,300,000 that were killed or wounded. In South Korea, about 1 million who died from wounds or diseases were civilians. There were about 36,940 who died that were American soldiers. Overall throughout the whole war, it was estimated that more than 1 million people were killed iin the Korean War.