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Korean War: Causes and Outcome

The Battle Begins

The War
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June 27 (1950) - July 27 (1953)

Korean War, an armed conflcit that began on June 25, 1950, when the forces of North Korea invaded South Korea. North Korea had a very succesful suprise attack on South Korea. When the troops attacked, at least two thirds of the troops of South Korea were caught off guard.  North Korea attacked the main key places in their suprise attack. They hit Kaesong, Chunchon, and Ongjin. After the battle had gone on for six days, South Korea was outnumbered and eventually in full retreat.
 The United States became alarmed when North Korea attacked South Korea. President Truman thought that this could possibily be the begenning of World War III. His decision after the attack was to continue to support South Korea in the War. Most Americans also supported Truman's plan to dispatch U.S. forces to Korea. General MacArthur brought troops in to attack the North Koreans at Seoul, which was the North Koreans center for communications. The attack was known as "Operation Chromite", which was a success. The attack made the North Koreans retreat. 
The Chinese became involved in the war, supporting the North Koreans. The Chinese attacked the UN, who was involved in the war, which put them into a full retreat. China took a big part in supporting North Korea. They urged North Korea to allow them aerial bombardment and naval blockade. 
North and South Korea met at Panmunjom, to discuss negociations for a truce. The meeting didn't do very much and the war continued to be fought.      


After the fight continued on the first major battles took place at Heartbreak Ridge and the Punch Bowl, in east Korea. In these battles, the UN put a stop to the ongiong attacks by the Chinese and began to push them back. Other big battles that were fought included Pork Chop Hill, Old Baldy, and Iron Triangle, where both sides were trying to take over good places to attack each other next.
The United States were becoming sick of how their president was making decisions of what to do in the war, so they held an election for another president. They elected Dwight, D. Eisenhower, who gave a threat to the North Koreans. North Korea, however, sent a proposal to South Korea, trying to work out a peace agreement and to end the war.